Relaxation Station. Check it out!

Here at WorkIT we have great ways of taking a break. Cold drinks, hot coffee, tea, restrooms, snacks, luncheons, and most important, colleagues. Most of us have already enjoyed these benefits, but have you tried the Relaxation Station? Located on the north edge of the standing desks, a simple activity is featured. Activities may rotate, but each one will give you a chance to be creative in a different way.
When you need a break, get up from your desk and move around; then head toward the first- floor standing desks. Right now, the feature is magnetic poetry! Perhaps you avoid poetry, in general. That’s OK, but don’t avoid magnetism in action! You can shuffle the words in your hands, read what others have written, or, best case scenario, show us your inner Longfellow. Be the poet who didn’t know it. Use both sides of your brain! It’s easier and more fun than you think, and it will relax you.
Poems can be abstract, if you wish, or you can force these words we call language to make meaning. Either way, play. The highlight of your day. And watch for the forthcoming series on
why relaxing is good for productivity.

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