Benefits of Bumping Up:

Belinda Bruner, PhD, started out with the “Basic Plus” membership at WorkIT and quickly found the environment so stimulating that she decided she wanted to “bump up” her package to a shared personal office. (No one is sharing it right now so think about joining her—she’s a good officemate!)

The unexpected benefit of bumping up is that she feels more enveloped in not one but two communities. For the WorkIT community she has given a presentation, set up the relaxation station, and keeps a jar of change in her office that anyone can borrow from if they need one of Brittany’s snacks and they are short a nickel or two. Further, she is finding she is more engaged with the larger community of Stillwater. She is interested in the city and attends meetings regarding its development, all the while talking up WorkIT. She spends and donates more money locally. Generally, bumping up her membership has made her more confident that she belongs. And that is a great feeling!

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