Getting along with your colleagues involves being considerate, and is an important part of a great work environment. Joyfully, here at WorkIt we go a step or two further. Strive to get to know a couple of things about what each colleague values, what he or she works on, and what their pet peeves are. If you know about the pet peeve of your colleague, you can keep from doing that one thing that drives them crazy or makes them fume.

Always, an apology goes a long way when we have offended or bugged someone. On the standing desks at WorkIt, you will find a small yellow Knock-Knock memo pad. While many of the choices to checkmark are light-hearted, there is value just in the fact that you took the time to fill out the memo. The colleague or partner will know you were thinking about them, and considering your behavior toward them. Or near them. Check it out. And remember to be kind, and aware. That way, you might not ever need the apology memo!

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