Your Brain: A Bad Idea?

A great way to end this three-part series on creativity and how your brain works is to examine the concept of the bad idea. While certain infamous exploits have truly been bad ideas, when it comes to creativity, bad ideas are worthwhile. Remember that in parts one and two we learned to 1. relax and 2. to put old ideas into a new context. Experts in creativity suggest that point number 3 is to let bad ideas come up without immediately dismissing them.

If you allow a seemingly bad idea to travel through your mind, it will encounter new contexts. How often have you brainstormed with others and someone tosses up a bad idea and then someone says, “hey, wait. That might not be so bad. What if we...”? Bad ideas are a necessary aspect of brainstorming because given the right context, the idea really wasn’t bad in the first place.

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