No Cubes At WorkIT:

Here at WorkIT, you will never be assigned to a cubical. The space at 9th and Main was easily renovated to remove all cubicles, and there is plenty of light downstairs, both natural and enhanced. If you prefer darkness, you will find what you want upstairs, either in an office or the Nap Room. Oh, yes, you heard that right. The Nap Room.

Our atmosphere is professional-casual. This means colleagues are available, as well as limited free printing, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. We have educational gatherings and social get-togethers. Studies show that a professional-casual atmosphere is best for creativity, and that people concentrate better when they are among colleagues rather than alone or at a home office.

If you prefer to work alone, you can. We are all very congenial and considerate. Just choose a private office or share one and ask for quiet. We are all about meeting each other’s work needs, and we’re flexible. If you join and find you don’t like something, voice your concerns. We are always ready to accommodate.

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