One benefit of freelancing is that you can set your own hours and do so from anywhere. Nevertheless, competing to get clients (43.5%) and receiving payment on time (40.4%) are two significant hurdles to that path. Anyone who works independently knows the potential feast-or-famine lifestyle they have chosen. Including passive income streams is one approach to curb this seesaw. Here are 3 ways freelancers might generate passive income.

  1. Writing an eBook - Consider becoming an author if you are an expert in a field or if you have a narrative that needs to be published. Several eBook templates help individuals who choose the self-publishing approach get started.
  2. Affiliate Marketing - Not only the affiliate marketing sector is expanding, but you have a wide range of profitable opportunities to select from. In fact, depending on the product, you may develop a YouTube channel or a unique website for it.
  3. Creating Digital Products - An excellent strategy to have greater control over your product is to launch your own business to sell your digital assets. One step is to purchase a captivating domain. Search engine optimization (SEO) must be used for improved business visibility.


Learning to keep track of goals might be challenging, but it can be made simpler by utilizing a few straightforward tools and techniques. Discover which one best serves your needs and your goals, then follow it to see where it leads. Your goals might start to take care of themselves!

  1. Visualize the “Chain” - The idea is to mark the calendar (or your notebook or whiteboard) each day you stay on track and progress toward your goal, then keep going until your goal is attained. You'll feel more motivated and develop forward momentum if you keep your progress visible.
  2. Celebrate Your Wins - Don't forget to consider and recognize each step you take toward your goal as you begin to develop your chain. Knowing how far you've come can be a considerable incentive toward whatever you're striving to accomplish as you discover how to keep track of goals.
  3. Create a Reward System - Find a means to put some "bait" in your line of sight if creating your own rewards for the goal process will increase your motivation to continue. You'll be more likely to succeed when you have something to look forward to other than your goal.
  4. Find an Accountability Buddy - Invite someone you trust to check in with you daily, weekly, or monthly, ideally someone who shares your goals or understands success and progress. You might be amazed by how much you accomplish.
  5. Start Every Day at Zero - You'll see where you started and are going more clearly if you begin each day at "zero" rather than building on another number. Additionally, starting at zero increases motivation according to a phenomenon known as the "fresh start effect."


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• Lunch & Learn: Wednesday 10/12/22 @ NOON-1:00 PM
• Tai Chi: Tuesday 10/18/22 @1:30PM
• Sea of Orange Parade: Saturday 10/22/22 - open for parade watching
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Lunch & Learn: 10/12/22 @NOON - 1:00 PM

Please join us for October's Lunch and Learn. Denise Swafford will speak on Ignite Profits in Small Business.

As founder of the IGNITE Women’s Network, Denise Swafford has been connecting and coaching small business owners for over 5 years. For decades, she worked in marketing, as a consultant and strategist, allowing her to gain experience and knowledge of growing and promoting businesses.

Denise’s goal has been to share this knowledge with other business people. As a coach, speaker, and consultant, she has helped women across the country increase sales and income in their small businesses. Her passion is to teach, inspire and connect women who want to make their businesses profitable but still respectable and honest. 

Currently, her passion is teaching through IGNITE Women’s Network, and connecting female business owners to allow them to support each other with ideas, prayer, work and collaboration. She will be the host of the upcoming “Small Town America” television program that will highlight the small businesses that help support the small towns across the nation.

Come by to learn and enjoy lunch with other growth-minded individuals. This event will be held on Wednesday, October 12th @NOON-1:00 PM. Members are free, and guest lunch tickets are available for $10 at this link:

Tai Chi Tuesday: Tue 10/18/22 @1:30PM

Join us for Tai Chi on the third Tuesday of the month in the conference room, upstairs at WorkIT @1:30PM. Instructor Lisa O'Donnell will teach us Tai Chi for better balance. Members-only, all skill levels welcome! Please RSVP on the Facebook event or [email protected] as space is limited. Come by for a good stretch during our moving meditation time.

New Facebook group for members only:
MOMENTUM Accountability

This group is for WorkIT members only who want to share their goals and support each other in reaching them. Each member is required to post weekly by sharing your goal(s) for the next week, report on your progress from the week before, and offer support to other members.

This is a business growth group but other goal topics are allowed such as fitness, health, relationships, and spirituality. Accountability is a major influence in attaining set goals. In a study of accountability found that people are 65% more likely to reach their goals when they’ve shared them with someone else. Even better, people are 95% more likely to reach their goals when they share them with a group and meet regularly to review them.

Members must commit to posting weekly: 1) What last week’s goal was, 2) If you accomplished it or not, 3) if you need help, and 4) your goal for the following week.

Request to join at this link:

Member of the Month:
Pat Ardern

Pat Ardern has been a financial services investment advisor representative since 2009. She is the Transamerica Financial Advisors branch office supervisor for Stillwater and the surrounding areas and brings financial education and solutions to individuals, families, and businesses through the WealthWave and How Money Works initiative.

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