Tricki Woo loves hard-boiled eggs, kisses, and sweet potatoes. She also loves preparing for the future by burying treasures and befriending small children. She will bark at anything she finds unacceptable, which can be taxing, but her human has not been murdered once (NOT EVEN ONCE!) since Tricki Woo took on the role of Household Security. Her arch enemy is the squirrel - a rivalry that goes back generations and will end in a reckoning of blood and tears. Tricki Woo will turn two on December 2nd!

Hepz connects you with women around the globe to enrich each other. Are you disappointed because time and cost are keeping you from hopping on a plane to help others on the other side of the globe? Your problem is solved... From the comfort of your home or from our store at 918 S Main Street in Stillwater, and for a fraction of travel costs, each time you purchase Hepz, you are keeping families fed, children in school and safe from the vulnerabilities of trafficking. We are very grateful for you. Together, we are working to end trafficking. Visit us downtown or online at

Payne County Tree Service was founded by Rick and Kristen Hadley in 1990. We provide tree pruning, trimming and removals, stump grinding, brush chipping and removal, woodchips, and our most popular product this time of year - firewood. We take pride in the beautification of our customers' properties. Be sure to let us know if there is anything tree related that we can help you out with!

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I am an OSU grad with a B.A. in English and am returning to OSU this fall to pursue my MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in poetry. Besides being a student and a poet, I work for Dr. Belinda Bruner as her editor for her novel as well as work a couple of online tutoring jobs. I have at least three notebooks and journals open on my desk at any given time; I enjoy doing a couple of different types of journaling as well as like to make detailed lesson plans for the students I tutor. Beyond my creative work, I love to run, eat, spend time with friends, and share cat memes on Facebook.

Cody was brought to us by our Catahoula Snoop. Before there were other houses on our street, Snoop had the run of the land when went outside. One day when we called him home, he brought a friend.

She stayed at the edge of the tall grass the first day we saw her but was brave enough on day 2.  As soon as my daughter saw her, she was determined we would take care of her. Even refused to come in for dinner until we gave Cody a bath and a roof.

Cody loves barking and chasing loud trucks from one end of the yard to the other, in addition to playing keep-a-way with her four-legged sister. She also tends to greet my MIL at the door with the cutest overbite grin. She is such a treasured part of our family!

Whisper Intimate Apparel specializes in bra fittings and providing customers with friendly, personal service. They carry products and bra sizes difficult to find elsewhere, with over 50 bra styles and 125 sizes in stock!

In addition to their large selection of bras and panties from Wacoal, b.tempt'd, Elomi, Fantasie, and Freya, you'll find an assortment of swimwear, sleepwear, intimate apparel, and bridal gifts, shapewear, slips, and more, with new lines and products being added monthly! Check them out for all your intimate apparel needs!

Whisper is located two doors down to the South of us at 905 S Main St. Visit them when you are downtown or online at Whisper Intimate Apparel in Downtown Stillwater, OK

Pennie Works Studio is the enterprise of Mark Pennie, former assistant director of Oklahoma State University’s marketing office. Pennie has been in business for 21 years. Growing Stillwater's economic base inspires him to work with this company. His biggest success is gaining repeat clients like Langston University and Stillwater Chamber of Commerce. Pennie's biggest challenge is keeping Pennie Works Studio in the business atmosphere of Stillwater and overcoming his introverted instinct. An interesting fact about Pennie Works Studio that most people don't know is that a business or personal reputation-or brand-cannot be avoided. It can only be managed. And graphic identities say a lot.

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Originally from Long Island, NY, she moved here in 2011 with her then-spouse, so he could pursue his study at OK State. Racheal A. Willhoite has been a freelance PR & Marketing professional and consultant spanning 10+ years. For the past 5 years, she has run her agency, GOPublX Media Relations, LLC, and provides services to the following markets: Web, Technology, Games: Video Games (All types including VR) + Table Top Games, and Entertainment/Film/TV

In the wake of the pandemic she developed a passion for NFT and Digital Collectibles, and being a life-long emerging tech enthusiast, she dived in to learn all she could. She recently took a founding Community Marketing Manager job this past April 2022 at an Austin Texas Based Startup in the Web3 Tech space called NotCommon. NotCommon's mission is to give you the only NFT profile you'll ever need. The team is passionately committed to building identity and security solutions necessary to make NFTs accessible to everyone. NotCommon enables NFT artists and collectors to curate a place where they can share their collections from multiple blockchains and links to all their online presences, creating an all-in-one NFT profile. Learn more here:

Her secret superpower is managing multiple talks online at once (usually with ease), and she enjoys consulting all types of businesses and helping her local community members when she can. Anyone from the community can connect with her on Linkedin.

With the pandemic and record-breaking winter storms continuing to keep us from our normal work schedule, how are we coping and continuing to keep a good attitude when it comes to our work and businesses? There are many things you can do, especially if you belong to a local coworking center. Even if you can't get out to say hi in person, chatting online with the friends and colleagues you've made will brighten your day and help you remember that you are not alone. Another thing you can do is try something new. Whether it is implementing new software or downloading a new app, trying a new tech gadget, or getting a meal delivered from a new restaurant or meal service. Take the time to treat yourself and get yourself and your business on a more successful path. Keeping a positive outlook will help you start off on the right foot when the time comes where you can safely venture out again. Be sure to jump on our WorkIT members-only Facebook group and just say hi or start a new topic of conversation so many can join in. We can't wait to see you online and someday in-person again!

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