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On February 12th, 2019 by WorkIT Admin

Lunching and Learning - February 2019

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Today, members and guests of WorkIT were treated to a wonderful presentation from Lena Greenfield about branding yourself. She touched on how to effectively use social media and marketing based on being your genuine self, as well as how to keep it consistent and compelling.

Entrepreneurship Professor Kyle Eastham also stopped by to talk to us about the internship programs at OSU, and how they pair interns with people and businesses to cultivate success for both.

Drop by to find out when our next Lunch & Learn is, and how to attend!

On February 4th, 2019 by WorkIT Admin

Female Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kristen Hadley

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Kristen Hadley loves empowering others. She loves to learn and then loves to share what she learns. Kristen started out as an entrepreneur, opening a business with her husband in 1991. Then started her own in 1995 when her students asked her if they could hire her to do the things for their businesses she was teaching them. When she saw a need for a coworking space, she created it. Many businesses, small and large, have benefited from her vision. Check out her accolades!

What is your business name?
WorkIt Coworking Center (est. 2017)
Payne Country Tree Service ( est. 1991 with her husband)
Masters Technology Services (est. 1995)

How long have you been in business for yourself?
27 years total

What was your biggest fear when you started your business?
Failure. Having to shut down because you can't pay the bills. Disappointing people.

What has surprised you the most about being in business for yourself?
How super sweet the people are that I've met. That has surprised me. As a work-from-home home-school mom, from the outside looking in, business people looked fake to me. Working with them has changed my mind. They are creative and sweet.

What are some obstacles you have had to overcome as a woman in business?
What do other people say to this question? I don't feel like we had any major hurdles.

What is your biggest success in business so far?
The ability to work more remotely and visit family that live in really cool places. Soon, I am going on a 15-day cruise through the Panama Canal with family!

What is your current goal with your business?
My goal is to get more support from big businesses so entrepreneurs can take advantage of what we have to offer here. We want to provide flawless service to our customers.

What advice would you give other women that want to enter business for themselves?
Do it! Don't think twice. Get a support system.




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