We received rave reviews for our happy hour featuring our guests from the Stillwater Public Library. Several members got signed up for library cards and learned about all the free services that the library offers.

WorkIT members showed up for their fellow member Pascha Franklin with POP TOP Ink and helped work through some new business ideas! Thanks to everyone who helped and be on the lookout for POP TOP Parties soon!

Ben Tovar is an amazing contributing member here at WorkIT. Here's more about his company:

At Onesimus LLC, our "Helpers" aren't just ordinary IT geeks! We forge relationships with both commercial and residential clients, find out what their technology needs are, and promptly deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Onesimus LLC was founded by Ben Tovar (pictured) in 2021 and is based in downtown Stillwater, OK. Ben has a long and varied background in Information Technology stretching back to 2001 when he started his first computer repair business serving residential clients.

We don't believe in problems; only challenges waiting to be met with solutions! Onesimus LLC serves clients in Stillwater, Guthrie, Edmond, Oklahoma City, and beyond. Struggling with a computer or technology challenge? Find your solution, here! www.onesimus.co

From the host Denise Swafford: I love where I'm from. I grew up in Small Town USA. During times of recession and not to mention a pandemic a lot of hometown communities took a very hard hit. Small towns have helped build our great nation and to be honest, where would we even be without our hometowns? I'm going to put a spotlight on these hometowns and encourage you to go and explore everything they have to offer. These amazing places you may have never seen are full of fun, history, shopping, amazing food, good times, and most of all incredible people! I will give you just a taste to encourage you to come to spend the day, the weekend, or even weeks traveling through the backbone of America. The TV Show “My Hometown America” is more than just a show, it's a passionate desire to keep our hometowns flourishing. Watch the preview and find out more about sponsorships and even being featured on the show! Myhometownamerica.com

Members - don't miss your chance for your business to be featured in our next newsletter.

We offer a complete catalog of landscaping services to choose from. If it involves making your yard look great, we’ve got the skills and tools to make it happen. Contact us today at 405-269-3435 or [email protected]

We are proud to provide our customers with our top-quality lawn care. We have several services to choose from, including lawn mowing and maintenance, landscaping, tree & shrub trimming, pruning/shaping, and flower beds.

Keep your sidewalks and driveways safe and accessible during the winter months. Send us a message and plan ahead, and we will ensure you aren't slowed down by any snow or ice.

Members - don't miss your chance for your business to be featured in our next newsletter.

May be an image of text that says 'COWORKING O W Ke Work CENTER IS A PANDEMIC THE RIGHT TIME Το START A BUSINESS? it just night be! FULL ARTICLE BELOW'

The spreading of coronavirus didn't hinder Shanel Fields to start her company, MD Ally, which aims to help local governments improve their emergency response systems, which is significantly timely in this crisis. She's not alone as new businesses are forming despite the pandemic, though at a substantially slower rate than before.

Learn more about Shanel's story here: https://www.nytimes.com/.../coronavirus-small-business...

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