Meet Your New Coworking Family

We are excited to be adding new members to our community every day! Each of our members has introduced themselves, take a moment to look over the diverse network WorkIT Coworking Center has grown to host.

Racheal Archambo


Avonlea Cates


Carol Bender


Cathey Bowyer


James Breckon


Spencer Brown

Belinda Bruner

Ammie Bryant


Brandon Cates

Beth Chaffin

Ashley Clinesmith

Terri Collier


Paul Conrady


Josh Dean


Rachel Dillin


Pascha Franklin


Lena Greenfield


Brynt Gutierrez


Brittany Hadley


Garrett Hadley


Kristen Hadley


Rick Hadley


Brian Hafner


Jessica Hannon


Katie Hollingsworth


Mark Pennie


Chris Peters


Sierra Phipps


Sharyl Pickens


Andrew Ranson


Joshua Ringer


Janette Sagersa


Thelma Salinas


Maddie Schipper


James Skillings


Stephen Smith


Jae Lea Sypert


Andrea Whitecotton


Amanda Williams

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