Annie is my name, I'm 10 weeks old, I'm a mix of Lab/pyranese, Red heeler hund and Stafford Terrior. I love my new life, I was adopted by Racheal and Michael and I get a big brother Bruce who puts up with my nibbles and zoomies.

Ben Tovar is an amazing contributing member here at WorkIT. Here's more about his company:

At Onesimus LLC, our "Helpers" aren't just ordinary IT geeks! We forge relationships with both commercial and residential clients, find out what their technology needs are, and promptly deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Onesimus LLC was founded by Ben Tovar (pictured) in 2021 and is based in downtown Stillwater, OK. Ben has a long and varied background in Information Technology stretching back to 2001 when he started his first computer repair business serving residential clients.

We don't believe in problems; only challenges waiting to be met with solutions! Onesimus LLC serves clients in Stillwater, Guthrie, Edmond, Oklahoma City, and beyond. Struggling with a computer or technology challenge? Find your solution, here!

Jennifer was first introduced to yoga in 2008. Originally interested in yoga for fitness, she later discovered a love for this practice that challenged her body, burned off anxiety, and relaxed her overall self at the end. She received her 200hr certification in 2011 and a 300hr upgrade in 2013 in Dallas, TX. She is currently attending the 200hr Ashtanga teacher training with Andrew Eppler of Oklahoma. While she continues her passion for education, she loves diving into the philosophy and ancient practices of yoga. Her favorite styles to practice and teach are Ashtanga yoga, Yin, vinyasa flow, yoga Nidra, and Pranayama breathwork, occasionally dabbling in Kundalini yoga.

Jennifer believes yoga should be accessible for all body types no matter where someone is in their journey. And while her practice is much different than a decade ago, it has evolved into self-love, body maintenance, a spiritual practice that brings peace, and an overall feeling of lightness.

In her spare time, Jennifer loves to read, hike, be active outdoors, and chill with her fur babies, Chewy and Ruby. Originally from Dallas, TX, Jennifer moved to Stillwater in 2020 and is so grateful to have found Red Earth Yoga as her new yoga home.

Brain breaks will be one of the most essential coworking perks of 2023. Brain breaks are short time intervals during the workday when employees can take a break from work and focus on recharging their minds. It is essential for employee productivity and well-being, as they help to reduce stress and prevent burnout. Coworking spaces should prioritize providing comfortable and inviting spaces where employees can take breaks and refresh themselves. Employees can stay energized and productive over the long term with the proper brain breaks.

  1. Libraries - Reading can help us focus better and give our brains a much-needed respite from distracting visual noise. Creating a library is one strategy to promote reading among coworking participants. If you're short on funds, consider finding used bookcases and placing them in your breakout areas.
  2. Deep breathing and yoga - Deep breathing can boost energy, reduce stress, and promote good posture in seconds. If you operate a coworking space, think about setting up an open-access bank of resources for deep breathing that members can use as needed. The practice of yoga has long been popular among coworkers, and it can sometimes be led in person.
  3. Local walks - It is well known that prolonged inactivity when working at a desk can cause physical and emotional exhaustion. By directing members to the closest green spaces, you can encourage them to incorporate activity into their daily schedule. Why not make a printed or digital map highlighting all the ways to green spaces?
  4. Imaginative prompts - Activities that require workers to utilize their intellect for something else at work may also give the brain a different kind of break. Creative prompts may offer worker relief from repetitive or, opposite, highly conceptual activities. Consider starting a collective writing project that participants can work on while taking mental breaks. Write the first sentence of a story in a notebook and place it in a breakout area so that others can add to it as they are motivated.
  5. Coloring books - The fact that adult coloring books are non-competitive is one of the best things, especially in the workplace. Take your time; people can work as swiftly or slowly as they like and complete as much as they like. Moreover aware, coloring encourages the individual to pay attention to the moment.


Joni has been a registered nurse for 25 years with experience in the emergency department, outpatient surgery, clinical nursing education, medical surgical floor nursing, cath lab, and cardiac rehab. She served as Fitness Supervisor for Total Health and Total Fitness Aquatics for nine years, managings 20+ employees, community membership, business, and fitness programming. Along with providing group fitness instruction for 16 years and coordinating employee wellness biometric data collection events, she has been a health and wellness educator for nine years, planning and presenting health and wellness programs within the hospital system and throughout the community. As an avid health and wellness promoter, Joni was featured bi-monthly on a local radio program sharing information about optimal well-being for much of 2020 and 2021.

She completed training with the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy in 2020. Then she obtained certifications: Board Certified Nurse Coach through the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation, Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach through the American Medical Board of Examiners, Certified HeartMath Practitioner through the HeartMath Institute, and Board Certified Cardiovascular Nurse. She has further training in End of Life Coaching and Trauma Sensitive Coaching.

Joni started her own nurse coaching practice, Coach Joni O, in January 2021 and currently works with clients one on one, in small groups, and is a presenter and keynote speaker. She also works with a nationwide virtual wellness company providing small-group coaching to hospital employees. Her specialty is Inviting Calm and Managing Overwhelm.

Many people have heard of the fight or flight response but need clarification on the details. She helps people understand both sides of their autonomic nervous system and their power to activate their rest and heal response. When our parasympathetic nervous system is activated, we have a greater ability to be present, aware, and manage our thought processes. Clients learn how to activate their rest and healing response, create an emotional shift and see their brain in a way that separates them from the immediate intensity of their emotions. They learn how thoughts, feelings, and actions interact to create results and gain techniques and strategies to make choices from an authentic place that leads to the results they are seeking. For most people, this includes the desire to feel calm, competent and/or confident in their relationships, work, performance, and life situations. When we feel calm and confident, our ability to lead, interact and connect with others improves tremendously. She works with a wide variety of clients and has helped many people find peace, calm, joy, and success in their lives over the last few years, regardless of their circumstances.

She lives in Stillwater with her husband of 31 years and daughter. She has two grown sons and two fur babies!

From the host Denise Swafford: I love where I'm from. I grew up in Small Town USA. During times of recession and not to mention a pandemic a lot of hometown communities took a very hard hit. Small towns have helped build our great nation and to be honest, where would we even be without our hometowns? I'm going to put a spotlight on these hometowns and encourage you to go and explore everything they have to offer. These amazing places you may have never seen are full of fun, history, shopping, amazing food, good times, and most of all incredible people! I will give you just a taste to encourage you to come to spend the day, the weekend, or even weeks traveling through the backbone of America. The TV Show “My Hometown America” is more than just a show, it's a passionate desire to keep our hometowns flourishing. Watch the preview and find out more about sponsorships and even being featured on the show!

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Coworking spaces are an excellent way for people to not only have a place to work but to also build relationships, gain insight, and strengthen their business. Coworking spaces provide a unique atmosphere where people can collaborate on projects, discuss ideas, and make connections. People thrive in coworking spaces for many reasons. Let's find out the reasons that have led to coworking spaces becoming the modern working class's top choice of destination.

  1. Sense of Community - Working in a coworking environment might help the employees feel proud to be a part of a vibrant and thriving community. They can communicate with those who share their viewpoints and build solid interpersonal and professional bonds. The sense of community fostered by coworking encourages employees to come to work every day, without fail, and to put their all into getting more outstanding results. Additionally, it has been observed that living in a community encourages employees to be more organized and disciplined, which increases their effectiveness and productivity.
  2. Unique and Innovative Workspaces - Organizations and individuals can now choose their workspaces based on preference and style because of the emergence of coworking offices. Numerous coworking space providers offer adaptable office spaces so that users can design a setting that suits their particular working style and increase productivity. Coworking spaces are viewed as a place for everyone because they provide various workspace options that may accommodate any individual or organization.
  3. Work Flexibility - Organizations and individuals can select flexible working hours and the ideal workspaces at a coworking space. An introvert who prefers to work solo but needs the workplace environment can be confidently productive without interacting with others. Coworking is the ideal place for an extrovert who utilizes socializing as a justification to generate ideas and be more creative. Everyone may increase their productivity and success by using coworking spaces.


A coworking space is an open environment because it encourages communication and collaboration among its members. It creates an atmosphere of inclusivity, where everyone is welcome and invited to participate. The space provides access to resources, tools, and events that promote networking, learning, and creative thinking. It also fosters an environment that allows people to work independently and together on various projects. These factors make a coworking space an open, productive, and inspiring workplace.

  1. According to the Review of Managerial Science, the extent its occupants are willing to participate in core coworking values determines a coworking space’s openness.
  2. Rejecting the coworking core values defeats the point of using a coworking space and may even lessen employee performance.
  3. In essence, a coworking space is only as open as its members; the open, free exchange of ideas necessitates a coworking environment full of unrestricted people who possess a wealth of personal creativity.
  4. A highly open-minded, enthusiastic, and creative group with a familiar, possibly open-ended goal must occupy an "open" coworking space.
  5. Open workspaces are coworking environments where communication, networking for business or information, creative collaboration, mutual emotional support, and general friendliness are norms.
  6. When evaluating a coworking space and its extent of openness, the focus must be on the people using it, not the spaces themselves. In the end, people, not spaces, are open.


Tanya Vaughn is the Founder and Director of See Light LLC. Tanya’s desire to improve led her to obtain a master’s degree in nursing and health administration. This profession has allowed her to be part of the college nursing instruction and practical application of patient care within all aspects of the healthcare industry. The scope of care ranges from critical care, home health, hospice, long-term care, and public health. After a long year in 2020 as a COVID provider, she realized again, the importance of the delivery of quality care would be through the assistive use of a dependable light source that would illuminate any body cavity and therefore refocused on her invention. Find out more on the business website 

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We are proud to provide our customers with our top-quality lawn care. We have several services to choose from, including lawn mowing and maintenance, landscaping, tree & shrub trimming, pruning/shaping, and flower beds.

Keep your sidewalks and driveways safe and accessible during the winter months. Send us a message and plan ahead, and we will ensure you aren't slowed down by any snow or ice.

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