Everyone is aware of the value of actively expressing gratitude. Being kind increases our happiness, strengthens our ability to withstand hardship, lowers stress and anxiety, and even benefits our general health. And being grateful isn't simply something for our personal lives, either. It's crucial to develop an atmosphere of gratitude in the workplace. You might even notice a boost in happiness and productivity as a result. In light of this, here are six ways to develop a more grateful workplace culture.

  1. Go inward - It's okay to sometimes express gratitude to other people. According to one study, people's moods and motivation are boosted when they appreciate their contributions and even small successes at work. Keep a gratitude journal for yourself. And skimming can give you the push you need when feeling low on energy or defeated.
  2. Keep seeking many instances to express appreciation - See the positive aspects of numerous circumstances or encounters that you might otherwise overlook in your daily life. Additionally, be grateful for the innumerable diverse actions, qualities, and behaviors that team members bring to the table daily at work.
  3. Be impulsive - Try to have note cards in your desk drawer so that you may take a few minutes to write a note to a coworker to let them know what they did and how it made you feel when they do something you admire. Importantly, share it with them after that.
  4. In challenging circumstances, practice gratitude - Being grateful is simple when things are going well. Even though it may be more challenging to be thankful for the situations that also teach us something, it's crucial to build gratitude for them. For instance, if your supervisor gave you some challenging comments, you can express gratitude for the chance to learn from it.
  5. Keep a journal - One of the finest ways to exercise your thankfulness muscles is to make it a writing practice, whether you use a notepad or your phone. Making a list can be quick and straightforward on some days and longer and more in-depth on others. The main thing is to write; try not to criticize yourself too much.
  6. Make it personal - Our modern methods of communication, such as using our devices, can make it difficult to show our gratitude from the bottom of our hearts. Say something like, "Hey, that thing you did really influenced me, and I want you to know how much I appreciate you," preferably offline.

Source: https://www.mindful.org/6-ways-to-cultivate-gratitude-at-work/

Being efficient, mission-driven, and organized are the foundations of productivity. On the contrary, both individuals and teams find that creativity is a significant asset in the workplace. Being creative boosts problem-solving abilities in addition to confidence and teamwork. Here are the six advantages of creativity in the workplace.

  1. Creativity produces original ideas - The light bulb and the automobile would not exist without creativity. Imagination and a belief in the fantastical help inventors generate new ideas and advance civilization, even though creativity is sometimes viewed as frivolous or useless.
  2. Creativity improves a resume - Employers are more likely to take notice of your resume if you include a section describing how your creative ideas led to a successful event, more clients, or higher revenue. For any team, having innovative problem-solvers is essential.
  3. Creativity enhances focus - Focus is a necessary and rare resource in our media-saturated environment. According to Microsoft research, the average person has an attention span of eight seconds. Increasing your attention span will make you more productive than most workers.
  4. Teamwork is encouraged by creativity - The pursuit of creativity unites individuals. Building and fostering relationships with coworkers promotes improved teamwork and collaboration.
  5. Problem-solving is encouraged by creativity - Whether you work in retail or as an entrepreneur, problem-solving is one of the most crucial components of any career. The dilemma may be as straightforward as quelling a customer's ire or as challenging as raising money for a firm. The issue is irrelevant. In any circumstance, problem-solving is helpful.
  6. Creativity reduces stress - You quickly think when you're not stressed. A promising career and a healthy lifestyle both include reducing stress.

Source: https://www.careerservicestation.com/the-importance-of-creativity-in-the-workplace/

The third most prominent source of wasted time at work is meetings. Meetings, whether in groups or one-on-one, can take up to 50% of a worker's time. Meetings, though, are not necessarily bad. Meetings are a crucial tool in business for exchanging information, resolving issues, and assessing progress. However, they must be controlled and used wisely if they are to be avoided. Here are five strategies to make meetings more productive and provide better outcomes.

  1. Strengthen taking notes and attentive listening - Participants will get the most out of each in-person meeting if you coach your team on active listening (listening to comprehend contrasted to listening to respond) and good note-taking. Team members will recall the following steps and other action items if they take notes in some way, whether by hand or with a digital device.
  2. Keep focused and minimize distractions - You might want to add a little spice to your meetings to keep your colleagues interested. Otherwise, maintaining everyone concentrated and on task is a good idea. Ensure that everyone gets a chance to contribute, and seek to address any sticking or pain points. Maintain an interaction, brainstorming, and settling rhythm as you check items off the list.
  3. Before you meet, make an agenda available to your team - Include the important who, why, what, and how information in your agenda. Who is going should be known to your team. Simply state the concerns that need to be handled in order, and take note of who is invited to discuss each item.
  4. Go forward and implement those bullet points - As you proceed through the meeting, you may include this in each item on the agenda. Everyone should leave the table knowing exactly what steps they will take to proceed. You can save much time and effort as a project moves along if each participant leaves the meeting knowing what and how to accomplish next.
  5. To keep on task and maximize effectiveness, use your meeting agenda - Each participant must have a copy of the agenda in advance. If at all feasible, give time for comments and inquiries. Your team may end up helping you in refining your initial plan. One method to keep everyone on the same page and track demands and progress at a glance for your team is to have a multi-feature tool.

Source: https://www.calendar.com/blog/calendar-full-5-ways-to-maximize-your-meetings/

Welcome to our newest member Gary Byte! 

Upcoming Events:

• Lunch and Learn - Tuesday, July 19th Noon
• Tai Chi - Members Only Tuesday July 26th 1:30pm
• International Coworking Day - Tuesday, August 9th
• WorkIT 5th Anniversary Potluck - Tuesday, August 9th 11:30am
• Free Coworking Day - Tuesday, August 9th

Lunch & Learn: 07/19/22 @NOON - 1:00 PM

Please join us for July's Lunch and Learn. Angela Pradia with New Leaf Coaching will speak on Transitioning to Intentional Growth. Learn to apply intentionality in your business, create steps to grow from where you are to where you want to be, discover what is holding you back, and set small daily tasks that can lead to exceptional outcomes. Come by to learn and enjoy lunch with other growth-minded individuals. This event will be held on Tuesday, July 19th @12-1 PM. Members are free, and guest lunch tickets are available for $10 at this link: https://bit.ly/coworkitshop 

Tai Chi Tuesday: Tue 07/26/22 @1:30PM

Tai Chi returns on Tuesday, July 26th with instructor Lisa O’Donnell. Join us at 1:30 pm in the upstairs conference room. Free for members only, all skill levels welcome.

WorkIT News

Several of our members are having special events this month revolving around Crazy Days which is a community-wide event that has been held in Stillwater for as long as anyone can remember.

First is DearBritt's 5th Anniversary celebration on Saturday, July 16th, 1-4 pm, everyone is invited!

Next is Buffalokie, DearBritt, and others participating in Crazy Days from July 20-24. You can see all participating businesses on the Visit Stillwater website at this link including Buffalokie Market, DearBritt, and more!

Also, Beth Chaffin along with Bliss Books (our neighbors across the street) will hold a book signing for Beth's new book Newfangled Madness. Stop by Bliss Books on Saturday, July 23rd from 4-5 pm and get your book signed by the author! Get more info by clicking here

Join us on August 9th to celebrate International Coworking Day which is also WorkIT's 5th Anniversary! We will enjoy a potluck lunch at noon, prizes for all attendees, and free coworking for the entire day! If you would like to contribute a prize please email details to [email protected]

Member of the Month:
Cathey Bowyer

Congratulations to Cathey Bowyer, our Member of the Month! Cathey is currently VP of SEE Light, LLC. She is a 2010 graduate of OSU Spears School of Business and spent seven years working in the Oil & Gas Industry. She was hired in a support role, and her position evolved to include the planning, execution, and customer service of over $30 million in acquisitions/sales contracts. Cathey managed company resources while overseeing the quality assurance, communication, and documentation management on $17 million+ in subcontractor agreements for a variety of fast-paced projects from dismantling, demolition, and facility decommissioning to heavy haul transportation logistics, as well as fabrication and construction projects. She assists colleagues, subcontractors, and customers alike with innovative problem-solving skills and strategic planning abilities. In addition, Cathey is co-owner of Bowyer Painting and served in the Oklahoma Army National Guard.

Pet Spotlight:
Leopolis the Cat

Leopolis "Leo" the Cat belongs to Brittany Friedel and is fierce and snuggly. Leo was born on April 15 2015 and Brittany got to meet him the day after he was born. She brought him home and he has been a loving member of the family ever since.

Welcome to our newest members Sarah Prater and Maegan Long!

Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions, requests, or comments, we'd love to hear from you!

Upcoming Events:

• Art Walk, Bike Night, Car Show, Shop Till Dark: Friday, 06/17/22 5:00PM
• Lunch & Learn Marketing Roundtable: Tuesday 06/21/22 NOON
• Tai Chi Tuesday: Tue 06/21/22 1:30PM
• Closed for Independence Day: 07/04/22 (members, use code for access) 

Art Walk, Bike Night, Classic & Antique Car Show, Live Music: Thu 06/02/22 @5-Dark

Don't miss this opportunity to support fellow members, local artists, and other Downtown businesses by shopping until Dark! Take a stroll down Main Street to see some great cars and bikes and listen to live music by the Red Dirt Rangers.

Lunch & Learn: Mon 06/21/22 @12-1 PM

Join us for a nacho bar lunch and a marketing roundtable where members and guests will join together to learn about and work on marketing strategies. We'll gain insights into best practices for email, websites, social media, search engines, networking, advertising, and more. Members, please RSVP on your calendar invite or on Facebook. Guest lunch tickets can be purchased for $10 at this link:  https://bit.ly/workitlunch

Tai Chi Tuesday: Tue 06/21/22 @1:30PM

Join us for Tai Chi on the third Tuesday of the month in the conference room, upstairs at WorkIT @1:30PM. Instructor Lisa O'Donnell will teach us Tai Chi for better balance. Members-only, all skill levels welcome! Come by for a good stretch!

NCO Golf Tournament: Fri 06/17/22

Enjoy a great day of golf and networking with business professionals! Two-man team $99 and a four-man team $199. Register at the link below! Prizes for first-place team and last-place team.

Member of the Month:
Jessica Hannon

A little about me:
Hello, I'm Jessica Hannon, a certified life coach, and Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist with Coaching with Charisma. I am originally from NY but have lived in Stillwater, Oklahoma for over 20 years now. I have suffered some pretty major losses in my lifetime including my grandparents, my best friend (at the age of 34), and my mother being my most recent loss. The intangible list is even greater like loss of trust, loss of control over my body, loss of health & security (my husband was on a ventilator for 74 days recently), loss of foster children, and having adult children grow up and leave home. These losses have brought about different & conflicting feelings for me and going through The Grief Recovery Method has been amazing & freeing. I went into training thinking I would learn how to help you and I did, but I also was able to help myself tremendously which makes me better for you. My favorite part of my job is seeing my clients unpack and complete unresolved grief and be able to walk a little lighter. 

Pet Spotlight:

About Bruce:
Racheal Okeefe-Mack's dog Bruce is an American Pitbull Terrier. He was adopted from the Humane Society in May 2022. He's 2 yrs old and has been a joy ever since we met and took him into our lives. He is friendly with all dogs, kids, and people and loves to chew and play fetch with his rope.

Thank you for being members of our coworking space!

Upcoming Events:

• Walk This May with the WorkIT Walkateers: 04/30/22 - 05/24/22
• Tai Chi Tuesdays: Tues 05/17/22 @1:30PM
• The Myths of Grief: Lunch & Learn Wed 05/18/22 @12-1PM
• Memorial Day (Office Closed): Mon 05/30/22 
• NCO EXPO: (Set-up) Wed 06/01/22, (Event) Thu 06/02/22

Walk This May with the WorkIT Walkateers: 04/30/22 - 05/24/22

Join your fellow WorkIT members in a FREE community-wide steps challenge! We will compete for weekly prize drawings, free swag, and most importantly bragging rights by ways of walking, running, or staying active.

The goal of Walk this May is to encourage people to move more and to be more active, fostering healthier and happier lifestyles. Participants sign up in teams of five to promote teamwork, accountability, and motivation within each team. Past participants report this challenge is exactly what they needed to kickstart sustainable lifestyle changes through creating healthier habits for themselves and their families.

Tai Chi Tuesday: Tues 05/17/22 @1:30PM

Join us for Tai Chi on the third Tuesday of the month in the conference room, upstairs at WorkIT @1:30PM. Instructor Lisa O'Donnell will teach us Tai Chi for better balance. Members-only, all skill levels welcome! Please RSVP on the Facebook event or [email protected] as space is limited. Again, that is May 17th @1:30PM. Come by for a good stretch!

The Myths of Grief: Lunch & Learn Wed 05/18/22 @12-1PM

What does every single one of us experience & are expected to pretend doesn't affect us? Grief! Learn about the top Grief Myths and how to dispel them during our lunch & learn led by Jessica Hannon. This talk will also help you become a part of normalizing grief in our society and giving us a safe space collectively to feel & move through our grief, instead of pushing it to the side (or attempting to). Come by for pizza, words of wisdom, and a great time to network on Wednesday, May 18th!

Bio info:

Beth's done it again! 

Memorial Day (Office Closed): Mon 05/30/22 
Let us remember those who courageously gave their lives. In observance of the federal holiday, the office will be closed to the public. We are still open 24/7 for members with code access. 

NCO EXPO: (Set-up) Wed 06/01/22, (Event) Thu 06/02/22
WorkIT members - you are the only eligible businesses to get a 75% discount for a shared booth at the North Central Oklahoma Business Expo and Career Fair. Setup and networking is Wednesday, June 1st and then on Thursday, you will have a half table in or near the WorkIT area. Don't miss this opportunity to meet new people, network with other businesses, and enjoy refreshments and entertainment with fellow members and other area professionals! Fill out the exhibitor registration at ncoexpo.com and you will receive an invoice for $99 instead of the regular price of $399. For more info click the link below.

Member of the Month:
Garrett Gil

A little about Garrett:
Founded in 2017, Scout Systems delivers agile, creative, and efficient tech-focused solutions that will enable you to capture the ever-growing connectivity potential within the internet of things (IoT). With almost 10 years of technical systems experience, we can help design and implement a wide range of convergent systems from start to finish. With a focus on production, cost-efficiency, and scalability - we offer consulting services, project management, and a boots-on-the-ground approach to ensure that your business infrastructure needs are met.

Our services include but are not limited to the installation, support, and maintenance of networks, onsite and remote work environments, phone systems, surveillance camera systems, smart homes, and green building solutions. As technology continues to become infinitely connected to the cloud and your business network, Scout Systems can deliver the guidance, resources, and services that will allow your business to thrive.

Pet Spotlight:
Theros Ironsfeld

About Theros:
This is Racheal Mack's sweet pupper Theros. While he's protective of his mom he is a big baby otherwise. Just a six-year-old momma's boy who loves cuddles and a good blanket. He hopes you have a great May!

Thank you for being members of our coworking space!

Upcoming Events:

• Lunch & Learn: Time Saving Tech Tips, Wed 4/13/22 @12-1PM
• Tax Day, Mon 4/18/22 Reminder!
• Tai Chi, Tue 4/19/22 @1:30PM

Lunch & Learn: Time Saving Tech Tips, Wed 4/13/22 @12-1PM 

This month we will be hosting part two of the two-part “Tech Tips” series. If you missed last month's “Lunch & Learn”, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Come by to learn some helpful tips and eat some great food. This event will be held the second Wednesday of the month, April 13th @12-1 PM. Hope you can attend!

Tax Day, Mon 4/18/22 Reminder!
Since tax day does not land on the typical date, we wanted to remind all of our members and/or business owners that tax day is April 18th this year. That’s the first Monday after Easter. Good luck and happy filing.     

Tai Chi, Tue 4/19/22 @1:30PM

Join us for Tai Chi the third Tuesday of the month in the conference room, upstairs at WorkIT @1:30PM. Instructor Lisa O'Donnell will teach us Tai Chi for better balance. Members only, all skill levels welcome! Please RSVP on the Facebook event or [email protected] as space is limited. Again, that is April 19th @ 1:30 PM. Come by for a good stretch!

PSA: Mailing Changes
We would like to request that all members use their assigned suite number for future mailing. Due to our increased number of memberships, this will assure you receive your expected mail. Thank you!

Member of the Month:
Angela Pradia

A little about Angela:
Life Coaching - by New Leaf Coaching - is a one-of-a-kind service that helps you make better choices, build better relationships, and feel more fulfilled. If you're looking for tools to help you take control of your life, we've got you covered. Life Coaching is a unique blend of coaching and personal development that involves weekly phone calls with a professional coach for several weeks. During these phone calls, we'll talk about your goals and challenges in your life and career so that we can work together to develop practical solutions. 

Pet Spotlight:

Lucy Hadley
She is a 10-year-old pit/lab mix we rescued as a stray. Lucy enjoys long afternoon naps, loves pumpkin and chicken treats, and her favorite thing in the world is to go on a walk. We can't say the word "walk" in our house without her hearing us and she will run to the front door and bark loudly demanding that we go right now! Patience is not in her nature, but we still love her dearly. 

Welcoming back a returning member, Andrea Whitecotton!

Upcoming Events:

• Taco Tuesday Tech Tips, Tue 3/15/22 @12-1PM
• Bookkeeping Workshop, Sat 3/19/22 @10-2PM
• Final Friday Game Night, Fri 3/25/22 @5:30PM

Taco Tuesday Tech Tips: Tue 3/15/22 @12-1PM

This month's lunch and learn will be the first installment of a two-part series! Password Management & QR Codes: Why or why not? Led by Kristen Hadley, we will be learning about the benefits of password management apps and the pros and cons of QR code utilization.

Bookkeeping Workshop: Sat 3/19/22 @10-2PM
Are you buried in receipts? Not sure where to start? Learn what to keep and how to organize it at this Bookkeeping Basics Workshop. Whether you are a new or an established small business we will work together on your strategy to help you set up your books. If you have no idea where to start then this will help you understand the basics. Do you need time and a place to work on your bookkeeping with accountability to make sure you get it going? Do you want experts on hand to ask questions while you work on your books? We will go over bookkeeping software options and budgeting and allow you some focused time to work. After this session, you will be on your way to checking this dreaded task off your to-do list! ✓✓✓ 

Brought to you by New Leaf Coaching, WorkIT Coworking Center, and Bancfirst.   

Final Friday Game Night: Fri 3/25/22 @5:30PM

Missed the last game night? No worries! Come to our FINAL FRIDAY GAME NIGHT for free food, drinks, and games. We'll have the Nintendo Switch, along with a variety of board and card games. Feel free to bring your own too! It's a chance to flex your skills and participate in some friendly competition. Prizes will be available. Be there, or be square!

Member of the Month:
Mark Pennie

A little about Mark:
Pennie Works Studio is the enterprise of Mark Pennie, former assistant director of Oklahoma State University’s marketing office. Pennie has won numerous awards from professional organizations including the Council for Advancement and Support of Education and the Art Directors Club.

His expertise in the institutional management of graphic identities and branding is widely recognized. Pennie has presented at the annual conference of the Oklahoma College Public Relations Association, the College and University Public Relations Association of Pennsylvania, and is published in the peer-reviewed “Journal of Education Advancement and Marketing.”

You can email him via [email protected] or check out pennieworks.net for more info!

Pet Spotlight:

Doug Gutierrez
This is Doug. He is a chronic cuddler and loves to get treats with the neighbors. When he's not drinking brews with Brynt he often enjoys long walks in the neighborhood. Doug hopes you have a good day!

Welcoming New Members Reagan Todd, Kaelene Elsberry, and Hannah Lasater!

Upcoming Events:

• Valentine's Day Lunch & Learn: Monday, 2/14/22 12:00 - 1:30PM
• Headshot Photos by Josh Dean: 2/16/22 9:00-1:00PM
• Presidents Day: Monday, 2/21/22 (We're Open!)
• Mardi Gras Event: Friday, 2/25/22 4:00 - 5:00PM

Great news! We've always had the highest quality fiber connection but now we have increased our Internet speeds to over 500 mpbs! We have to keep up with the times! Enjoy your new bandwidth which includes the same speeds for both downloading and uploading.

Valentine's Day Lunch & Learn: Monday, 2/14/22 12:00 - 1:30 PM
Come by for free chicken and waffles on the second Monday of February! This Valentine’s Day will be a special themed lunch and learn. There will be a poem quip writing workshop led by one of our members Belinda Bruner. Our goal will be to use what we learn to create valentines for our loved ones. This event is free for members and only $10 for guests. Tickets can be purchased at https://bit.ly/workitlunch We hope to see you there!

Headshot Photos by Josh Dean: 2/16/22 9:00 - 1:00 PM
As WorkIT members, you are allowed one complimentary headshot photo with your membership! A free professional photo for your business needs. Take advantage of this opportunity and get a headshot photo this month, 2/16/22 from 9:00 - 1:00 PM. Watch for more details on how to sign up or contact [email protected] to book your session.

Presidents' Day 2022
Washington's Birthday was celebrated on February 22 from 1879 until 1971, when the Uniform Monday Holiday Act moved it to the third Monday in February. The day eventually became known as Presidents' Day after it was moved as part of 1971's Uniform Monday Holiday Act. That came about through an attempt to create more three-day weekends for the nation's workers. Presidents’ Day is now widely seen as the day to celebrate all U.S. presidents, past and present. 

Mardi Gras Event: Friday, 2/25/22 4:00 - 5:00 PM 
Join us for a fun celebration of Mardi Gras! Friday, February 25th from 4:00 to 5:00. We'll have hot sauce tasting, pralines, drinks, trivia, and a king cake. Get the slice with the surprise and win the door prize! See you there! This event is for members only.

Black History Month
The month of February serves as an annual observance of Black History, originating in the United States where it is also known as African-American History Month. It is a celebration of the accolades, achievements, and successes of Black/African Americans. This provides us a time to honor and recognize the central and significant role that African Americans have and continue to play in U.S. history.

Member of the Month:
Wade Brown

A little about myself:
Here at the coworking center, I serve as the Office Manager. With all the new names and faces, I thought it'd be best to reintroduce myself. If you need ANYTHING please let me know and I will take good care of you. My email is [email protected], or you can reach me at (405) 250-1766 during business hours. Looking forward to seeing you all at future events!

Pet Spotlight:

Rex Brown
This primordial beast is the descendant of ancient creatures who once roamed the earth. A cold-blooded lethal predator is capable of unknown destruction. Using its incredible speed and strength, Rex dominates his prey. For the safety and well-being of others, it is best to steer clear of this monstrous reptile. He likes mealworms, warm spots, and head pets.

Welcoming New Member Tanya Vaughn
with "See Everything Everytime"!

Upcoming Events:

• Taco Tuesday Lunch & Learn: Tuesday, 1/11/22 12:00PM-1:00PM
• Martin Luther King Jr Event: Monday, 1/17/22 1PM (We’re Open!)
• Game Night at WorkIT: Friday, 1/21/22 5:30PM

Reflecting On 2021
Last year was a tough time for all of us. A pandemic can be detrimental to local businesses, entrepreneurs, etc. This is why it is crucial to identify what is getting us through it. Contemplate the questions listed above and reflect on what you learned from last year. Let's start this year off right, and be ready for anything!

Taco Tuesday Lunch & Learn 1/11/22 12:00PM - 1:00PM
Come by for lunch on us, Tuesday, January 11th, 2022 at 12:00 PM. This month's Lunch and Learn topic will be “Goal Setting”. We will enjoy our Taco’s during the guest speakers presentation. Massive Action by Life Coach Angela Pradia, "It's time to stop planning and start doing" Learn tips to not only set your goals but accomplish them. Take advantage of this opportunity for helpful information, free food, and networking. The event will be held at WorkIT in the first-floor event area.

Martin Luther King Jr Unity March 1/17/22 1 PM (We’re Open!)
Monday, January 17: MLK Day Unity March @ 1 p.m. Anyone interested in going as a group, email [email protected] and we’ll be sure to get back to you. The march starts in Southern Woods Park and ends at the OSU Spears School of Business with additional activities to follow on campus. Updates and details can be found at library.stillwater.org/mlk_day.php.

Game Night at WorkIT 1/21/22 5:30 PM
Let us start this year off right with a Game Night at WorkIT! On the third Friday of the month, we will be hosting a game night with complimentary snacks and beverages. We will have a Nintendo Switch set up with a variety of games including Mario Party. Board Games will also be available and members are welcome to bring a game of their own. Don’t miss out on this team-building event and enjoy the healthy competition! Again the event is Friday, January 21st, 2022 at 5:30 PM here at WorkIT. Hope to see you there!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Friedel
Will and Brittany celebrated their first new year as a married couple and we are so happy for them. We here at WorkIT want to congratulate them on this incredible milestone. May they have the best of luck with all their future endeavors. So again, CONGRATULATIONS MR. AND MRS. FRIEDEL!!!

Member of the Month:
Brian Hafner

A little about Brian Hafner:
Brian is an SEO and lead generation specialist helping small to medium businesses nationwide get more leads into their industry. As he travels for work we occasionally get to catch him for a few days here at WorkIT! We appreciate you as a member and hope you keep coming back to see us.

Pet Spotlight:
Oliver Kyle

Oliver Kyle
This sweet pup graced the Hadley residence with his presence and they just couldn’t say no. Looks like Oliver became their little Christmas miracle. He has been fostered into a new home with the owners of Furniture Showcase. Thought we should share that with our fellow members. Hope everyone had a good break and Happy New Year!

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