March 20, 2024

16 Best Happiness Podcasts That Will Uplift You

In a world often filled with chaos, stress, and uncertainty, pursuing happiness is a noble endeavor and a necessity for our well-being. Luckily, there are countless ways to explore the journey to happiness, and one of the most accessible and enriching mediums is the world of podcasts. Podcasts provide a unique platform for sharing insights, stories, and practical tips to uplift spirits and cultivate joy. Whether you're seeking a daily dose of inspiration or simply looking for ways to enhance your happiness, there's no need to look any further. Here are the 16 best happiness podcasts that will brighten your day, spark your curiosity, and even transform your outlook on life.

  1. The Science of Happiness Podcast - The Science of Happiness podcast, hosted by Dacher Keltner, offers factual information on improving one's quality of life. It covers various topics, such as spending time outdoors, connecting with older generations, and managing self-critical thoughts.                                                                                      

  2. Happier - Gretchen Rubin is an author and the host of the podcast Happier. It is a must-listen for anyone who wants to gain a more optimistic perspective on life. In recent episodes, Gretchen has tackled topics such as managing disappointment, recognizing the significance of small gestures of kindness, and techniques for invoking pleasant memories.                             

  3. The Kindness Podcast - Journalist Nicole Phillips hosts a program where she interviews notable people about the importance of empathy and compassion. Over the past 100 episodes, she has interviewed Laura Schroff, Jason Mraz, and the creators of Minnesota's Fix It Forward Ministry.                                                                                                                                              
  4. Best Friends - Best Friends is a hilarious collaborative podcast hosted by comedians Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata. The show captures the essence of a great stand-up routine, with the hosts riffing on topics ranging from alien encounters to tattoos. It feels like having a late-night conversation with close friends.     
  5. Ten Percent Happier - Ten Percent Happier by Dan Harris provides practical strategies to overcome obstacles that prevent happiness. The book features interviews with experts who discuss the psychological benefits of "doing nothing," overcoming addiction, and accepting failure. It also includes regular guided meditation sessions led by professionals, available on the podcast feed.                                                                       

  6. The Minimalists - Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn's podcast focuses on improving mental health through unfollowing unnecessary social media accounts, helping children become organized, and embracing holidays with minimal consumerism.   

  7. The Lively Show - Jess Lively's podcast emphasizes the importance of positivity for personal and professional fulfillment. Topics include tackling negative feedback cycles, mindfulness, and strategies for leading an "aligned" life. The educational and inspiring podcast provides practical tools for living one's best life.   

  8. Who? Weekly - This podcast is centered around pop culture and features the comedic duo of Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber. In each episode, they dive into the lives of a few celebrities and provide witty commentary on the latest gossip. This podcast is perfect if you enjoy chatting about celebrity news with friends.   

  9. Live Happy Now - Live Happy magazine's podcast is dedicated to achieving positivity. Experts discuss mindful eating, stress management, and the drawbacks of excessive positivity, imparting practical advice to cultivate happiness.                                                                 
  10. Mad Chat - The show explores mental health in popular culture with host Sandy Allen and guests Hannah Giorgis and Jonah Bossewitch. They discuss how works like Donnie Darko and BoJack Horseman tackle depression and anxiety.                         

  11. The Constant - Mark Chrisler's podcast, The Constant, explores historical misunderstandings, mistakes, and failed endeavors. Topics include medicinal gold, cannibalism, and the flat Earth conspiracy theory.               

  12. The Gratitude Diaries - In "The Gratitude Diaries" podcast, author Janice Kaplan shares tips on leading a more purposeful and appreciative life. Each episode lasts under seven minutes and easily fits into your daily routine. Kaplan's warm and inviting demeanor translates her written work into the podcast format.
  13. Questlove Supreme - Questlove, a well-known bandleader, producer, director, and podcast host, shares his diverse interests on Questlove Supreme. The podcast features intimate interviews with singers like Mariah Carey, actors like Jason Sudeikis, and creators like Lin-Manuel Miranda, discussing their creative processes. The show is an uplifting and enlightening experience that might inspire artistic passions after just a few episodes.                                                   

  14. Flyest Fables - Morgan Givens' podcast, Flyest Fables, weaves an enchanting saga that follows a young protagonist named Antoine as he embarks on a fantastical journey alongside Princess Keisha. The show embraces the ethos of "hopepunk," celebrating optimism and inspiring readers. For those seeking a departure from somber narratives, Flyest Fables offers a chance to reconnect with their inner child through wholesome fantasy tales.                                           

  15. All in the Mind - This Australian program explores different dimensions of the human psyche, analyzing the connection between music and memory, disassociation, and synesthesia, among other subjects. The episodes cover themes like resilience, coping with grief, and the positive effects of art on mental health, providing valuable insights into happiness and cultivating a positive mindset.                                               
  16. Nothing Much Happens - Good sleep is crucial for happiness, but work and stress make it difficult for many people. To address this, Kathryn Nicolai created Nothing Much Happens, a program for sleep-deprived adults that uses calming stories to help them sleep peacefully.                                                                     


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