September 28, 2023

Business Spotlight: Bearded Rat Mysteries

Bearded Rat Mysteries offers murder mystery games you can download, print, and play with friends and family. After writing a murder mystery game for a friend's birthday party, the idea to write and sell murder mystery games lodged in Beth Chaffin's brain and simply would not go away. Now, she has over ten digital download products for sale online, and her games have been played all over the world. Beth also writes young adult murder mystery novels under the name E.M. Chaffin. Her two published titles are Dead Man's Swamp, a standalone, and Newfangled Madness, the first book in the upcoming series, Lady's Madness Murders. Beth writes about homeschoolers because even though the choice to homeschool is now fairly common, homeschoolers are still underrepresented in media and entertainment. Both novels are set in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina, where she grew up. Learn more at

A portion of all proceeds are donated to local charities.

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