July 31, 2023

Business Spotlight: Salty Lane Collective

The Salty Lane Collective was founded to honor three remarkable women: the matriarch of their family, Nonnie, and the two queens who stood by her side, Gigi and Queenie. The collective's mission is to celebrate the diverse styles embodied by these three women and curate a selection of hand-picked pieces for customers to embrace a feeling of fabulousness.

Beyond just great style and good genes, these women have passed down a powerful belief that true beauty extends beyond superficial glitz and glamor. For them, beauty lies in how one treats others, leading with grace, nurturing faith, and loving fiercely and unconditionally throughout life.

With a deep commitment to encompassing all things beautiful, the Salty Lane Collective invites shoppers to experience the love they have for each customer. They aim to share their dream of spreading beauty and positivity, making every shopping experience meaningful and unforgettable.

Check out all they have to offer at: https://www.shopsaltylane.com/

A portion of all proceeds are donated to local charities.

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