WorkIT's first painting exhibition is Friday, June 25th, 6:00 to 8:00 pm and you are invited. Meet the artist, Hannah Bays, who has displayed her wonderful paintings in our lobby, meeting room, and stairwell.

From the artist: My paintings provide an opportunity for observation. We must understand ourselves in order to understand our existence in the world and the things in it. My paintings confront the relationship I have with myself and others have with them. In these paintings, it is clear to see that a judgment on them is simply a reflection of what one is able to see. They represent internal conflict inside of each of us that can only be combated by the spirit. The battle of life is not of the physical but a battle of the spiritual. I aim to communicate with the spirits' souls through our physical bodies' eyes. My paintings create spiritual healing by opening the physical eyes to inner peace and truth. -Hannah Bays

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On Tuesday of the first full week of the year, WorkIT welcomed many of our members to the first lunch and learn of 2020. Ted Talko Tuesday is a popular event. There's good food and it's pretty laid back around here while we watch a couple short Ted Talks and discuss what we heard. The first one we watched was The happy secret to better work by Shawn Achor. The gist of it was happiness first and success will follow. Don't think once you reach your success that THEN you'll be happy. Find joy in the journey! The second Ted Talk we watched was How to stop screwing yourself over by Mel Robbins who is a favorite of several of our members.  We hope you get a little motivation from our selections. If you couldn't make it, sorry you missed the tacos. They were home made by one of our members and oh so delicious! If you were there, let the world know how these Ted Talks affected you. What will you do different from now on?

With a limited number of NASA-certified eclipse glasses available at Dear Britt, August 21st was almost as busy as August 9th. As awestriking as grand opening had been, the sun was not to be outdone. The solar eclipse caused curious onlookers to flock to WorkIT, hopeful: “We heard you have eclipse glasses for sale.” Miss Brittany Hadley sold out of eclipse glasses hours before the spectacle began, but word had gotten around of the possibility of enhancing the solar experience. Those who left empty-handed still expressed interest in the store and our members, and the shared experience brought people together in a spirit of amazement and fun. Just in time for a late lunch break, the moon took its place, and a few members of WorkIT were on hand to witness the event. Others took part at home, and many are making plans to travel to the path of totality next time, in 2024. Next time, don’t be blinded by imitation glasses—come to WorkIT where we had the real deal.

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