June 6, 2017

Eclipse Glasses Bring Would-be Astronomers

With a limited number of NASA-certified eclipse glasses available at Dear Britt, August 21st was almost as busy as August 9th. As awestriking as grand opening had been, the sun was not to be outdone. The solar eclipse caused curious onlookers to flock to WorkIT, hopeful: “We heard you have eclipse glasses for sale.” Miss Brittany Hadley sold out of eclipse glasses hours before the spectacle began, but word had gotten around of the possibility of enhancing the solar experience. Those who left empty-handed still expressed interest in the store and our members, and the shared experience brought people together in a spirit of amazement and fun. Just in time for a late lunch break, the moon took its place, and a few members of WorkIT were on hand to witness the event. Others took part at home, and many are making plans to travel to the path of totality next time, in 2024. Next time, don’t be blinded by imitation glasses—come to WorkIT where we had the real deal.

A portion of all proceeds are donated to local charities.

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