October 28, 2023

Member of the Month: Jessica Hannon

Jessica is a native NY’er (Lawn Guyland) but has lived in Stillwater for 22 years now with her husband, George. They raised their 5 children here because, well, NY is expensive and they got tired of people thinking they were part of a cult up there for having more than 2 kids. She uses her ADHD to excel at cleaning houses and delivering for Amazon, She uses her empathy and discernment to help others in her grief recovery coaching business, and she uses her OCD to keep the coffee pods in the correct rows while she manages WorkIT Coworking center in the afternoons.

In her free time (if she can hide), she loves to read (self help, poetry, autobiography, and non-fiction), write (mostly poems & short stories), and act (plays). She also loves playing games with family & friends. She would love to be a motivational speaker and publish a book whilst running on this hamster wheel we call life. A few years ago she went viral on TikTok for all the wrong reasons and decided she’s OK without lots of attention from people she didn’t ask for opinions from.

What she loves most about WorkIT is the people and the space in general. She’s worked for herself for so many years it’s such a blessing to have people to call co-workers. She feels like being comfortable is a sign you stopped growing and meeting new people and hearing their experiences/ideas all the time stretches her and she loves it! Having cozy and ample rooms to rent and use for all her businesses and even some extra curriculars in such a central location has also been the biggest blessing!

Her favorite quote is by William Butler Yeats “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire

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