November 2, 2022

Member of the Month: Racheal Willhoite

Originally from Long Island, NY, she moved here in 2011 with her then-spouse, so he could pursue his study at OK State. Racheal A. Willhoite has been a freelance PR & Marketing professional and consultant spanning 10+ years. For the past 5 years, she has run her agency, GOPublX Media Relations, LLC, and provides services to the following markets: Web, Technology, Games: Video Games (All types including VR) + Table Top Games, and Entertainment/Film/TV

In the wake of the pandemic she developed a passion for NFT and Digital Collectibles, and being a life-long emerging tech enthusiast, she dived in to learn all she could. She recently took a founding Community Marketing Manager job this past April 2022 at an Austin Texas Based Startup in the Web3 Tech space called NotCommon. NotCommon's mission is to give you the only NFT profile you'll ever need. The team is passionately committed to building identity and security solutions necessary to make NFTs accessible to everyone. NotCommon enables NFT artists and collectors to curate a place where they can share their collections from multiple blockchains and links to all their online presences, creating an all-in-one NFT profile. Learn more here:

Her secret superpower is managing multiple talks online at once (usually with ease), and she enjoys consulting all types of businesses and helping her local community members when she can. Anyone from the community can connect with her on Linkedin.

A portion of all proceeds are donated to local charities.

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