July 31, 2023

Neighbor-in-the-Know: Murphy's Department Store

Murphy's Department Store, a distinguished retail establishment with a history spanning over nine decades, proudly introduces itself as a new and captivating shopping destination. Founded over 90 years ago, this family-operated landmark exemplifies the essence of American entrepreneurship – a relentless pursuit of growth, innovative thinking, and a commitment to both its customers and the community it serves. Since 1995, the store has expanded its reach nationwide by offering genuine Oklahoma-friendly shopping experiences through its brick-and-mortar location and webstore.

Embracing its tradition of excellence, the store rebranded to become Murphy's Department Store, coinciding with the launch of its inaugural website in 1995. This transformation marks a momentous step towards maintaining its legacy of catering to customers' diverse needs and constantly adapting to modern retail trends.

Murphy's Department Store prides itself on its diverse product range, featuring an array of kitchenware, gadgets, electrics, cookware, and other premium housewares. In addition to these offerings, the store also presents a carefully curated selection of giftware and tabletop items, appealing to customers with discerning tastes.

With its timeless commitment to providing quality products and a personalized shopping experience, Murphy's Department Store remains dedicated to enriching both its local community and the broader customer base it serves across the nation.

Shop Murphy’s in Downtown Stillwater and online at: https://www.murphysdepartmentstore.com/

A portion of all proceeds are donated to local charities.

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