November 2, 2022

Pet Corner: Cody Bowyer - getting caught smiling

Cody was brought to us by our Catahoula Snoop. Before there were other houses on our street, Snoop had the run of the land when went outside. One day when we called him home, he brought a friend.

She stayed at the edge of the tall grass the first day we saw her but was brave enough on day 2.  As soon as my daughter saw her, she was determined we would take care of her. Even refused to come in for dinner until we gave Cody a bath and a roof.

Cody loves barking and chasing loud trucks from one end of the yard to the other, in addition to playing keep-a-way with her four-legged sister. She also tends to greet my MIL at the door with the cutest overbite grin. She is such a treasured part of our family!

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