January 23, 2023

What Makes a Coworking Space an “Open” Environment?

A coworking space is an open environment because it encourages communication and collaboration among its members. It creates an atmosphere of inclusivity, where everyone is welcome and invited to participate. The space provides access to resources, tools, and events that promote networking, learning, and creative thinking. It also fosters an environment that allows people to work independently and together on various projects. These factors make a coworking space an open, productive, and inspiring workplace.

  1. According to the Review of Managerial Science, the extent its occupants are willing to participate in core coworking values determines a coworking space’s openness.
  2. Rejecting the coworking core values defeats the point of using a coworking space and may even lessen employee performance.
  3. In essence, a coworking space is only as open as its members; the open, free exchange of ideas necessitates a coworking environment full of unrestricted people who possess a wealth of personal creativity.
  4. A highly open-minded, enthusiastic, and creative group with a familiar, possibly open-ended goal must occupy an "open" coworking space.
  5. Open workspaces are coworking environments where communication, networking for business or information, creative collaboration, mutual emotional support, and general friendliness are norms.
  6. When evaluating a coworking space and its extent of openness, the focus must be on the people using it, not the spaces themselves. In the end, people, not spaces, are open.

Source: https://allwork.space/2023/01/what-is-an-open-coworking-space/

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