July 3, 2023

WorkIT News: Embracing the Future of Work: Why Coworking is the way forward

College students are writing papers about WorkIT founder Kristen Hadley. Okay, the student is her son, Kris, but the paper is for sure getting an A+ and discusses the many benefits of coworking, read it here:

In a rapidly growing economy and an ever-changing business landscape, fostering collaboration among small business owners is crucial for the growth and sustainment of local economies. In the heart of a growing entrepreneur community in the city of Stillwater, Oklahoma, one business owner stands out as a catalyst for interprofessional relationships and cooperation. Meet Kristen Hadley, an entrepreneur and holder of a master’s degree in telecommunications management who has reshaped the concept of shared workspaces with her innovative coworking center. Her passion for helping other small businesses grow and succeed has garnered her widespread acclaim in her community.

Born and raised in the rural, college town of Stillwater, Oklahoma, Kristen was brought up being told she could be anything, from president to teacher to engineer, however, “mom” was never on the list of potential jobs. After earning her MIS and Telecommunications Management degrees, she embarked on a mission to be self-employed while working from home and home-schooling her children. Kristen's passion for helping others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams is evident in the types of businesses she now owns and operates.

Kristen’s portfolio boasts an impressive array of digital architecture geared toward helping other small business owners increase their revenue and grow their businesses through investing in digital marketing. She has started 19 businesses, sold/ transferred 2 businesses, and still operates 6 businesses. Her most recent achievement was placing on the top 10 list of the fastest-growing OSU graduate-owned or led businesses worldwide for the Oklahoma State University Cowboy 100 program. Believing in the power of uniting communities and growing our local economy, Kristen has been an active member of the Stillwater Downtown Association since its founding and is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Kristen’s innovative Coworking center, the topic at hand, has united small business owners and motivated entrepreneurs all over Stillwater by fostering collaboration, shared resources, and a sense of community. “Coworking is a modern concept that brings professionals from a multitude of fields together under one roof that has become transformative and essential in the evolving business landscape”, Kristen explains to me. This follows her previous statement about coworking becoming the preferred choice among entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking growth and success. Kristen goes into further detail as she explains that in today’s changing world, as business owners are becoming more independent and as they are seeking nonconventional methods to operate their businesses that foster building lasting professional relationships, coworking provides entrepreneurs and small business owners with the freedom to choose the workspace that fits their needs. Kristen says this offers maximum flexibility and cost efficiency to members seeking a space to work and collaborate face-to-face with others away from home.

The changing landscape of work has brought about a new way of collaborating with coworking. This trend has proven to be a game-changer for entrepreneurs and small businesses due to its flexible workspaces, shared resources, and vibrant communities. Coworking offers a rich tapestry of opportunities, connections, and support for businesses, propelling them toward growth and success. In today's era of collaboration and interconnectedness, Kristen insists coworking is undoubtedly the way to go for those seeking a thriving and fulfilling business journey.

To sum it up, professionals looking for a collaborative and transformative work environment may find coworking to be the ideal choice. Coworking offers flexibility and cost efficiency, allowing businesses to adapt and grow without worrying about long-term leases and expensive overheads. The networking and collaboration opportunities in coworking spaces promote innovation, cross-pollination of ideas, and potential partnerships. Furthermore, Kristen emphasizes that the shared resources and amenities provided by coworking spaces help small businesses save money while increasing productivity and efficiency. The creative and stimulating atmosphere of coworking spaces inspires motivation, and professional growth, and breaks the monotony of traditional office settings. Additionally, the supportive and mentoring environment in coworking communities creates a nurturing ecosystem that increases entrepreneurs' chances of success. Ultimately, as the business landscape continues to evolve, coworking may be the way to go for those who value collaboration, flexibility, and a vibrant community, driving them towards growth, success, and a fulfilling work experience.

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