February 8, 2024

WorkIT News: WorkIT founder Kristen Hadley launches book project on Kickstarter.com

Through my interactions with numerous business owners and helping many people start their businesses I developed a checklist to aid in the startup process. It covers the essentials and helps to make sure none of the important items are missed. Now this checklist has evolved into something more significant - a detailed workbook. The "Business Launch Journal" expands on each checklist item such as choosing a domain name, setting up a merchant account, and obtaining an EIN. It pairs these with informative guides and includes journal pages, allowing you to record your ideas and thoughts as you navigate this exciting process of starting your business. These tasks are fundamental to any business operation and will be referenced and utilized countless times. That's why this book focuses on such practicalities, along with other indispensable tools and insights.

Read and Watch more about it and consider supporting Kristen here: 


A portion of all proceeds are donated to local charities.

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