On September 25th, 2017

On September 25th, 2017

On September 25th, 2017

On September 5th, 2017

On September 5th, 2017

We Have The Fiber

Relaxation Station. Check it out!

Free Day Friday

Brainstorm Buddy: Your Best Resource

Member Discounts $$$

Yes, we have fiber! WorkIT is the first downtown customer to access ProValue.net's fiber optic network. We're talking the best of the best Internet connections available anywhere! Thanks Drew and ProValue.net for allowing us to work at the speed of light!!

Here at WorkIT we have great ways of taking a break. Cold drinks, hot coffee, tea, restrooms, snacks, luncheons, and most important, colleagues. Most of us have already enjoyed these benefits, but have you tried the Relaxation Station? Located on the north edge of the standing desks, a simple activity is featured. Activities may rotate, but each one will give you a chance to be creative in a different way.
When you need a break, get up from your desk and move around; then head toward the first- floor standing desks. Right now, the feature is magnetic poetry! Perhaps you avoid poetry, in general. That’s OK, but don’t avoid magnetism in action! You can shuffle the words in your hands, read what others have written, or, best case scenario, show us your inner Longfellow. Be the poet who didn’t know it. Use both sides of your brain! It’s easier and more fun than you think, and it will relax you.
Poems can be abstract, if you wish, or you can force these words we call language to make meaning. Either way, play. The highlight of your day. And watch for the forthcoming series on
why relaxing is good for productivity.

Announcing Free Day Friday! Members can come in this Friday, September 29th, 2017 and skip the check in, it won't count against your number of coworking days. Also, we have a limited number of free day passes for non-members so if you or someone you know would like to try coworking, please let us know. Friday's we always have Tai Chi at 3:00pm AND we will have happy hour from 4 to 5. Wine and a few other drinks will be provided but you may also BYOB.

Imagine that you were to never get stuck again! Co-working comes with colleagues, and most of us at WorkIT are creative and are good listeners. If you don’t know the people near you, introduce yourself and ask if you might have a minute of their time. Let them know it can wait if they’re at a crucial point in their work.

Before you hit them up to be an active listener, take a notepad and make an outline of the project and the problem you’ve come upon. That way, when your colleague is ready to listen, you won’t have to ramble on and waste anyone’s time. Plainly state the project. Then say, “here’s where I could use your help. I’ve discovered I have three separate audiences and I’m going to have time to pitch to only one.” (Or whatever the problem is).

You may find that the act of formulating your problem in words actually resolves it for you. If not, approach that colleague. Ask what solutions they see. Ask for more than one, and write them all down. Try to never discount a colleague’s suggestion. In other words, do not come back with “oh, I thought of that and it won’t work because blah blah.” Write down every solution offered. Thank your colleague, and go back to your desk.

At your desk, think again about each offered solution. There may be something you have overlooked. Further, mentally troubleshooting your colleague’s solution might lead you to another idea. List the three best solutions, (from you and from your colleague) numbering them 1, 2, and 3. Ask yourself: “If I choose solution 1, what could go wrong? What could go right?” Write all of this down, and do the same for solution 2 and solution 3. This activity will surely lead you to the clear best choice.

It is possible you and a particular colleague will click with brainstorming styles. Resist the urge to go to the same colleague again and again. First, this will shut your brain off from other types of thinking. Second, you may begin to intrude upon your colleague’s work time. Third, you might alienate a colleague who never gets asked for any kind of help. We all want to feel useful.

Finally, before your “brainstorm buddy” leaves for the day, thank her or him again. Your colleagues are not here to necessarily solve your problems. However, she or he has given you their valuable time and ought to know you appreciate them.


Software:           $499.00

Notebook:          $5.99

WorkIT space:   $120.00

Colleagues:       Priceless

WorkIT members are sharing discounts with each other for using their individual services. This is a fabulous gesture of friendship in the workplace, and a substantial benefit. Imagine dropping your children off for fun and care right next to your place of business!  Members can do so at a discount thanks to Alex Evers of Stillwater Martial Arts. Other colleagues and friends offering discounts include Brittany Hadley, Dan and Stephanie Yost, Ammie and Jefferson Bryant, and Kristen Hadley...see details below!

Member Extras:

  • DearBritt a Tiny Boutique (owner, Brittany Hadley) offers members a 15% discount on anything in her shop (original jewelry, local hand-made goods, vanity trinkets). She also takes custom orders. www.dearbritt.com
  • Masters Technology Services (owner, Kristen Hadley) offers members $50 off any web service of $300 or more (includes websites, Internet SEO marketing, Google Business Page, Facebook, email campaigns, Adwords/Bing ads, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc.). www.mastersts.com
  • Vintage Cowboy Cottage (owner, Stephanie and Dan Yost) offers members a 10% discount on stays for them or their friends: Beautiful vintage getaway near historic Downtown Stillwater. Step back in time with farmhouse decor, vintage finds and atmosphere. (Mention WorkIT). stayinstilly.me
  • Stillwater Living Magazine (owners, Jefferson and Ammie Bryant) offers members a 10% discount on new advertising contracts. Stillwater Living Magazine is Stillwater’s only 100% locally owned, full color, monthly magazine featuring the events, people, places, and things that showcase our hometown of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Circulation is estimated at 15,000 readers from throughout the area. Prices are all inclusive. SLM will design your ad from scratch or use your materials, or commercially created ads. All furnished ads must comply with press regulations. www.stillwaterliving.com
  • Stillwater Martial Arts (owner, Alex Evers) offers members a reduced weekly rate for the whole-child center in which children receive homework help, healthy snacks, physical education, art, and more. Summer camp, after school, no-school day...this popular and successful program fills up quickly so waste no time in calling for a consultation—405 372 5425 www.stillwatermartialarts.com