On December 10th, 2017

On December 10th, 2017

On December 10th, 2017

On November 15th, 2017

On November 14th, 2017

What Inspires Us?

Benefits of Bumping Up:

What comes after space and Wi-Fi?

Tai Chi Cancelled for Thanksgiving Week and New Times

Announcing Thankful Day-Free Day and Open House!

Jessica Hannon: “Even if I don't have time to chat with people, just seeing different faces coming in and out feels like it will help the days go smoother...Transparency inspires me. People who aren't afraid to be real, to be vulnerable, and to be honest inspire me! Selflessness inspires me. Plus, free coffee for the win!”

Alex Evers: “My goal is to improve the lives of everyone around me! While I was growing up in Stillwater I didn't feel like there was a lot to do so it is important to me to make sure that there are more safe, fun, and character building activities in the Stillwater community.”



What things keep Alex and Jessica going? The amenities at WorkIT are great, but really, their passion for helping others takes first place. For Alex, it’s helping people be their very best self through martial arts. Jessica cleans houses and does customer service, and compares these things to helping people: “We're all broken people and if we can be there for each other and leave each other just a little better than we found them, the world would be a better place.”

Belinda Bruner, PhD, started out with the “Basic Plus” membership at WorkIT and quickly found the environment so stimulating that she decided she wanted to “bump up” her package to a shared personal office. (No one is sharing it right now so think about joining her—she’s a good officemate!)

The unexpected benefit of bumping up is that she feels more enveloped in not one but two communities. For the WorkIT community she has given a presentation, set up the relaxation station, and keeps a jar of change in her office that anyone can borrow from if they need one of Brittany’s snacks and they are short a nickel or two. Further, she is finding she is more engaged with the larger community of Stillwater. She is interested in the city and attends meetings regarding its development, all the while talking up WorkIT. She spends and donates more money locally. Generally, bumping up her membership has made her more confident that she belongs. And that is a great feeling!

Co-workers across the globe agree: this thing we do is not about a sales pitch and it’s not all about networking. Coworking community is about:

TRUST: Make sure your colleagues know you value them in priceless ways; that you are not just about what you can get. We learn trust by being in relationship.

RELATIONSHIP: Bonding doesn’t require a faith fall or a ropes course. Share the highs and lows with your co-workers; celebrate each other.

Tai Chi cancelled for Thanksgiving week and then the following week and thereafter times will be 1:30pm Wednesdays and 1:30pm Fridays.

Announcing Thankful Day-Free Day and Open House! Members can come in November 20th and skip the check in, it won't count against your number of coworking days. Also, we have a limited number of free day passes for non-members so if you or someone you know would like to try coworking, let us know. Join us for snacks, hot chocolate, coffee and tea throughout the day and happy hour from 4:00 to 5:00 with wine, beer and a few other drinks provided. Tours will also be available throughout the day as this will coincide with the Downtown Holiday Open House event, check out participating downtown vendors at this link: https://www.visitstillwater.org/event/downtown-stillwater-holiday-open-house/8866/