May 15, 2024

Community Table Corner

Did you know that we had a name for the big table downstairs? We call it the "Community Table" and we'd like to add a section of the newsletter based on things that happen here in the future. For now, we just wanted to talk a little about the Community Table.

At WorkIT, we have people coworking in all sorts of situations. We have remote workers working for companies, they tend to have their own offices but not always. We also have people that work for themselves. When a client comes in with an absolute deadline or an important meeting and they don't have a room reserved, we always suggest they find a quiet place upstairs in our flex space. Downstairs can work as well if you have headphones but downstairs, we call it the Community Table, because it's almost always social in nature. You can definitely get work done (one of the ways to signal to others that you're busy is to wear headphones/ear buds) but it's a place where people may think out loud, ask for opinions or advice, or simply fulfill a need for a place to share frustrations or excitement. A lot of brainstorming and inspiration happens around this table, it's really neat to be a part of it!

So if you have a light working day, or you need a social break, come sit around the Community Table and get to know your co-workers ideas, lives, and favorite coffee. Come and be part of the magic of networking!

A portion of all proceeds are donated to local charities.

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