February 2, 2024

Neighbor-in-the-Know: Round House Bakery

Round House Bakery is a boutique patisserie and espresso bar located at 108 E 10th Ave in historical, downtown Stillwater. They opened June, 2023. Their farm-to-table desserts are made from scratch and baked fresh daily. All of their cakes and pastries are crafted from scratch with careful attention to detail from the inside out. They are on a mission to raise the standard in the dessert industry. Every recipe is hand-crafted with unbleached flour and unbleached cane sugar for enhanced flavor and texture. They source local and organic ingredients, cage free eggs and real butter. They hand-paint their confections with natural, plant-based colors. There’s nothing left but pure, real flavors when you leave out the bitter aftertaste of food dye and artificial ingredients. They’re open Tues-Sat 8-6.

A portion of all proceeds are donated to local charities.

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